CoreLab, which is directed by Dr. Ertugrul Basar under the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Koç University,  is conducting highly-active theoretical as well as experimental research towards the physical layer design of next-generation wireless communication systems and has collaboration ties with many international and national institutions.

Recent News (2019-2018):

December 2019: We have several open positions (M.S./Ph.D./PostDoc) under our research projects (TUBITAK 1003 and 1001).
Please send us an email ( with your CV, transcripts, theses, and publications (if any).

1 Postdoc position in “Beyond 5G Wireless Communications” 
Several M.S./Ph.D. positions in “Beyond 5G Wireless Communications”
1 M.S./Ph.D. position in “Molecular Communications”

November 2019: The most recent Special Issue of IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing (IEEE J-STSP): “Index Modulation for Future Wireless Networks: A Signal Processing Perspective” is edited by us. [Editorial]

November 2019: Upcoming talk at Ericsson Research Day in Turkey: “Beyond 5G and 6G: A Physical Layer Perspective”.

August 2019: Dr. Basar has been appointed as a Senior Editor for IEEE Communications Letters.

August 2019: We gave a Seminar at Russian Academy of Sciences – IITP: “Transmission Through Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces: A New Frontier in Wireless Communications”. [Photo1] [Photo2]

June 2019: An overview of enabling technologies, recent advances, and potential research directions in reconfigurable intelligent surfaces, which can be potential enablers for 6G and beyond! Our new preprint: “Wireless Communications Through Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces[PDF]

May 2019: Colloquium @ Uludag University: Today and Future of Communication Technologies [Presentation]

May 2019: Index modulation meets large intelligent surfaces: “Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface-Based Index Modulation: A New Beyond MIMO Paradigm for 6G” [PDF]
Matlab Codes are available at [MATLAB].

May 2019: PIMRC 2019 Special Session: Physical Layer Solutions for 6G. [Call For Papers] [EDAS]

March 2019: Dr. Basar has been appointed as the Coordinator of the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Graduate Programme of GSSE.

February 2019: Our new preprint on a promising beyond massive MIMO technology for 6G: “Transmission Through Large Intelligent Surfaces: A New Frontier in Wireless Communications[PDF].
MATLAB codes are available at [MATLAB].

February 2019: Our article “Index Modulation Techniques for Next-Generation Wireless Networks” has been featured in IEEE Access as one of the Top 5 Most Cited Articles published in 2017. [Web]

January 2019: Our Special Issue “Advances in Signal Processing for Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access” at IEEE Access is now open. [CFP]

December 2018: Dr. Basar has received the ODTÜ Parlar Foundation Research Encouragement Award.

October 2018:  CoreLab Seminar II – “Activities of IEEE 802 Wireless Groups towards 5G” by Dr. Tunçer Baykaş. [Info]

September 2018: Dr. Basar will moderate the “6G Vision Panel” at 6G Workshop 2018. Date: 25-Sep-2018, Location: İstanbul Medipol University.

August 2018:  CoreLab Seminar I – “Recent Advances in Space Modulation Techniques” by Dr. Raed Mesleh. [Info] [Pic1] [Pic2] [Pic3]

July 2018: Our website is up and running.

July 2018: Dr. Basar joined Koç University!

Past News (2018-2016)