CoreLab is performing cutting-edge theoretical as well as experimental research in many active frontiers regarding physical layer communications. Our research interests are listed as follows:

– Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces
– Thermal Noise Communications
– Index Modulation for Beyond 5G
– Waveform Design and MIMO Systems
– Deep Learning for Wireless Communications
– Signal Processing for Communications
– Practical Implementations & Hardware Impairments

Our research activities have been supported by TÜBİTAK (past/current Grants 114E607, 117E869, 218E035, 119C157, 120E401, 121C254), Turkish Academy of Sciences (TÜBA) Outstanding Young Scientist Award (GEBİP) Programme, Science Academy (Turkey) Young Scientist Award (BAGEP) Programme, Vestel Electronics, and ASELSAN.

Index Modulation for Beyond 5G

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Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces

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Waveform Design

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Media-Based Modulation

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MIMO Systems

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Millimeter-Wave Communications

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Practical Implementations & Hardware Impairments

– “Spatial Modulation in the Presence of I/Q Imbalance: Optimal Detector & Performance Analysis”, IEEE Communications Letters, May 2018. [PDF]

– “Practical Implementation of Index Modulation-Based Waveforms”, IEEE Access, Dec. 2017. [PDF]