Work Stations

Dell Precision T7920 Work Station I (2x Intel Xeon Gold 5120, 56 Cores)

Dell Precision T7920 Work Station II (2x Intel Xeon Silver 4116, 48 Cores)

Software Defined Radio

National Instruments Software Defined Radio (SDR) Reconfigurable Device USRP 2943R (1.2-6 GHz, 2×2 MIMO, 120 MHz BW)

IoT Design Kit

Keysight U3803A IoT Systems Design Kit


Thermal Noise Communication (TherCom)

Download MATLAB Codes [Zip package, 12 KB]

E. Basar, “Communication by means of Thermal Noise: Towards Networks with Extremely Low Power Consumption“,, June. 2022. [PDF]


SimRIS Channel Simulator

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Download SimRISv1.0 [Zip package, 360 KB]

E. Basar, I. Yildirim, “SimRIS Channel Simulator for Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface-Empowered Communication Systems“, in Proc. IEEE Latin-American Conf. Commun. (LATINCOM 2020), Nov. 2020. [PDF]

E. Basar, I. Yildirim, F. Kilinc, “Indoor and Outdoor Physical Channel Modeling and Efficient Positioning for Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces in mmWave Bands“, IEEE Trans. Commun. (Early Access), Sep. 2021. [PDF]

Download SimRISv2.[Zip package, 376 KB]
E. Basar, I. Yildirim, “Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces for Future Wireless Networks: A Channel Modeling Perspective“, IEEE Wireless Commun., vol. 28, no. 3, pp. 108–114, June 2021. [PDF]

Matlab Codes

2013 OFDM with Index Modulation (

2019 Large Intelligent Surfaces (LIS_DH_BER.m LIS_AP_BER.m)

2019 Reconfigurable (Large) Intelligent Surface-Based Index Modulation (LIS_SSK.m LIS_SM.m)

2019 RISs for Doppler Effect and Multipath Fading Mitigation (Codes)

2021 SimMBM Channel Simulator for Media-Based Modulation Systems (Codes)

2021 SNR Comparison of Passive RIS, Specular reflection, and Active RIS (Active_Passive.m)

Lisense: Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY 4.0)
Please cite the following studies when you use (fully or in part) these MATLAB codes:

E. Basar, “Transmission Through Large Intelligent Surfaces: A New Frontier in Wireless Communications”, 2019 European Conference on Networks and Communications (EuCNC), ArXiv:1902.08463, Apr. 2019. [PDF]

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Z. Yigit, E. Basar, I.Altunbas, “SimMBM Channel Simulator for Media-Based Modulation Systems”, ArXiv:2104.02336, Apr. 2021. [PDF]